Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Finance Manager in Your Family

Do you know that a financial management in a family can be the source of domestic disharmony?
At least i found two case in my friendship circle.

1. Working husband and wife
This first case means that they have two source of income. There is no problem at all with the condition, but how they arrange the finance is the matter. They rather to have an outcome separation than unite the income into one management. So, there is only an outcome separation. The husband responsible to pay some of the family bills, and the wife pay the rest. They don't share how much the income for each of them. 
Most of husband doesn't care about his wife income, but yes actually the wife does care. But in this first case, the wife having too much ego to have a financial communication with the husband. Every financial planner surely suggest that a family (husband and wife) must have a communication about their financial management, for a healthier finance and family life. 
The family goes in that way, anyway. 

2. Working husband and stay at home wife
Well well well, this working husband and stay at home wife is the most common kind of family. But of course, once again this kind of family also have a potential financial management problem. The husband, in this case, has the full power of finance, since he is the only source income of the family. Would he share the power with the wife? In the case that i met, he is not giving even a little power to his wife. The wife become so sad, because the money her husband gives is never enough to maintain the family needs. It is not because the income is small, but because limited budget that her husband gives. After a long talk, the root cause is because the husband has not trusted the wife on spending money, yet. I suggest her to be patient and show that she can manage the money very well. And after a while, she even got a beauty treatment  budget. The communication goes well, i think :)

The finance manager in a family usually comes the the wife. But it does not mean the husband can not be the one. If the husband has more knowledge about financial management, why not. As long as for the healthier family financial management. Just don't let bad financial management in your family result the domestic disharmony. It doesn't matter big or small income, the finance communication one does matter.  Be sure you do it in a fine and relax condition.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Travel Budgeting

Recently, traveling has become a new lifestyle for urban people. Who doesn't wanna have a fresh escape from routinity in a crowded city.  Traveling is now become easy with a high range of budget possibility. You can choose low or high budget transportation and housing, and you can choose it by looking at the internet. For me, traveling is a flexible one, since you can do it while going home to your hometown or in the middle of out of town duty. 

Some of traveling consideration :
1. Purpose
What is your purpose? do you wanna see the culture, enjoying the nature, kids learning or shopping. You don't wanna waste your budget for something that does not fit you. This will affect to the travel location. Although most of place offer all the purposes, but there must be a priority among those purposes in one place.
2. Transportation
What transportation you use? a private or public transportation. We can have a high range of budgeting for transportation. 
3. Housing
Do you need housing? Sometimes we don't need housing for a nearby traveling, or maybe we have relatives to stay around the tourism place.
If you need a housing, make sure you choose the clean one. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it does take effect to the comfort. 
4. Kids
Kids, especially babies surely have a consideration on traveling. You need to make a deeper consideration on choosing the place, transport, housing and food. 

Each consideration above affected to the travel budgeting. The flexibility of traveling makes the budget become flexible too, especially in Indonesia that has a lot of tourism place which can fit every travel budgeting.  

Traveling is important to refresh your routinity and to strengthen the family or friendship relation. You can start it with time allocation, the frequent of traveling, one or two in a year, or even once in a month. Then, you can save the money as appropriate as you can. So, when the travel time has come, you don't have to think twice. Traveling is flexible even for the budgeting. So, why not? 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Financing Your Plan : Sukuk Ritel 007

Everyone must have  had a plan in his/her life. Plan itself is not gonna be real without finance. How much and where will you get the finance is an important part of planning your life. I didn't realize the detail so much until i have my own family. 

Saving is a basic financial planning, the first kind of financial instrument a person knows. But, can it helps you to reach your plan? 
Actually, it does not help much. It doesn't catch the inflation rate, though you still need to have a saving for urgent case that needs cash in hand.

Saving, deposits, gold, stocks, property, sukuk, insurance are several kind of financial instruments (investment). The diversion on the instruments is important on financing the plan, because each one of it has their own time to make an expected finance result.

The Government now is opening sukuk ritel for public. For your information, sukuk is not avalaible all the time and only have three years time of investment. Sukuk ritel 007 is the current one and will be closed in early March 2015. It has 8,25% profit sharing per year. The question is, what's your plan on the next three years? One of the example is education planning. Maybe your children will have to go to elementary school in the next three years. If you already have the education budget for your children, this investment will help you to catch the increase of educational cost in the next three years. 

If you have another plan, it is better to know the increase rate of the finance per year. It is important point to decide your financial instrument you will use, to put your money. Does sukuk will help or not? 
But, if you does not have idle money to be used in the next three years, it is wise enough not to push yourself on the investment.
So, make your plan and don't forget financing the plan to make it happen :) 

Monday, February 16, 2015

After a Year

It's been so long since i wrote poetries and writing a 'sensitive' writes. Maybe because i am too happy on marriage.

Just like adele who lose her touching beautiful lyrics she created, after marrying someone. Hmmmm.

(taken from

But i guess i was just too busy in my double life, family and office life. And now, after a year i am leaving my office life, i feel i have too many time to do something else. In the first semester of resigning, i still feel busy on trying every single opportunity on business. I even try to learn how to sew (oh my god) and make a cooking (how to cook some food) Blog. Once, I try to get a scholarship which is my old dream, but then i got something else that even more precious to choose.  

Now, after a year, i am in the middle of self crisis. I could not dump all the God's gifts to me. The health, the energy, the youth (okay i am 30 but i still feel young). But that doesn't mean i wanna back to the office life. Yes i miss my friends, having a 7 years (7 x(8 hours)) together is not an easy thing to erase the moment and the bond. But, i never  regret to leave as i never regret to work. So, for now i will just enjoy the moment of self treasury as i feel when i was waiting my UMPTN result. The same feeling, but it's better since i have my own family :)  Alhamdulillah. 

So for all U mom's who just resigning. I know how you feel, i even browse U. Just don't give up on your willing. Happy Mom is the best Mom ever.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Surat dari Greenpeace

Dear Xxxx,

Hati kami ikut merasakan duka mendalam bersama dengan masyarakat Jepang. Kami memahami bahwa saat ini masih terlalu dini untuk menilai tingkat kerusakan akibat gempa bumi, tsunami dan krisis nuklir yang terjadi di sana, namun kami yakin bantuan darurat terus dikerahkan untuk mencapai ribuan korban yang terkena dampak bencana ini.

Kami di Greenpeace Asia Tenggara pernah merasakan bencana gempa dan tsunami serupa, dan tetap rentan terhadap dampaknya yang menghancurkan. Dan sekarang kami bersimpati pada keluarga besar Greenpeace di Jepang.
Sangat disayangkan bahwa alih-alih memfokuskan diri dalam mengerahkan semua sumber daya untuk upaya penyelamatan dan bantuan pada para korban gempa dan tsunami, pemerintah Jepang saat ini juga harus berhadapan dengan krisis yang disebabkan oleh resiko yang tak terhindarkan dari pembangkit listrik tenaga nuklir (PLTN).

Sesungguhnya situasi ini bisa dihindari. Kita terus-menerus diingatkan akan resiko berbahaya dari PLTN, bahwa kita akan selamanya rentan terhadap potensi yang mematikan dari kombinasi kesalahan manusia, kegagalan rencana pembangunan dan bencana alam.

Inilah saatnya bagi ASEAN untuk berhenti menyusun rencana penggunaan nuklir di kawasan, dan saatnya bagi para pemimpin bangsa dan pembuat keputusan untuk menyatakan bahwa nuklir tidak akan pernah aman, dan bahwa energi terbarukan adalah solusi terbaik untuk masa depan.

Kami sangat prihatin atas keselamatan para pekerja dan komunitas di sekitar pembangkit listrik tenaga nuklir yang rusak akibat bencana gempa di Fukushima, Jepang. Greenpeace selalu memonitor situasi yang terjadi, dan akan terus melaporkan perkembangannya di sini. Berkat dukungan Anda kepada Greenpeace, kami akan terus berkampanye dan berjuang untuk masa depan yang lebih bersih, hijau, dan aman.

Salam hangat,

Direktur Kampanye
Greenpeace Asia Tenggara

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Puas RUM... Puas Kasih ASI

...sedang asyik ngobrol tentang home treatment dengan seorang teman di lift.. jam pulang kantor...
"Eh, ada Mas xxx"
'Ini ibu - ibu mau pada pulang?'
"Apa kabar mas.. lama tidak berkoordinasi"
'Alhamdulillah sehat.. anak apa kabar ? sehat?'
"Alhamdulillah sehat, sempat kena flu, tapi sekarang sudah baikan"
'Kasih ASI, itu paling bagus'
"iya mas, Alhamdulillah masih full ASI"
...sampai di lantai dasar kemudian berpisah...

Alhamdulillah, walau si Bapak belum dikaruniai anak, dia sudah paham terlebih dahulu tentang urgensi pemberian ASI. Beda dengan saya yang baru ngeh pada masa-masa kehamilan saya.Alhamdulillah dikasih lingkungan yang pro ASI ditengah-tengah arus modernisasi kota Jakarta yang kalau gak kasih sufor bisa dibilang pelit karena si Ortu dua-duanya bekerja. It isn't all about money, right? but money does support a lot of things, hehe. Ditengah-tengah hebohnya penemuan dari grup penelitian di IPB tentang susu formula sampel tahun 2003 - 2006 yang terkontaminasi bakteri sakazaki , ASI terasa jadi barang yang mewah sekali. Puas rasanya masih bisa kasih ASI sampai sekarang, semoga bisa lanjut terus.

Lain cerita nih, cuaca di kota Jakarta sedang tidak ramah, penyakit kok rasanya gampang sekali hinggap ya. Parahnya lagi, kali ini menyerang saya PLUS anak saya. Cobaan untuk IRUM pertama kalinya, karena Athar biasanya sakit hanya karena KIPI imunisasi, kali ini terserang flu yang membuat suhu badannya lebih tinggi dari biasanya. Sebenarnya saya sendiri hampir terjerumus ke perbuatan IRUM terhadap diri saya sendiri kalau tidak diteriaki teman saya sendiri "Mba  ul.. kamu kok IRUM siiii???? Mba nope... Mba rine... Mba ulya niiiiiyyyy... " hahaha, lucu sekali teman saya itu.  Padahal saya sendiri sudah tahu, obatnya ya istirahat, makan dan minum yang banyak, trus jangan lupa pake masker biar virusnya gak pingpong ke Athar. Tapi yaa.. secara.. kerjaan tuh numpuk diawal bulan, mana bisaa istirahaat. Di rumah juga tentunya tidak bisa istirahat full, diinterupsi sedikit-sedikit waktu tidurnya buat si kecil Athar. 
Buat saya sudah jelas, makan minum yang banyak, istirahat pas weekend plus balsam dan tentunya massage untuk mengurangi gejala yang timbul sambil menunggu kekebalan naik dan melawan virus-virus flu. Sempat konsultasi dengan teman yg berprofesi dokter, 
"udah empat hari ya meler, bersin pusingya?.. saranku harus kasih antibiotik tuh"
(dalam hati , 'tidaaaaaakkk')  'kok antibiotik, kan ini virus bukan bakteri'
"abis dikasih vitamin juga gak sembuh2"
maaf ya Bu dokter, tapi saya anti AB kalau untuk flu aja. Wah, harus meracuni temanku itu dengan virus RUM nih.
Untuk Athar, perbanyak cairan, tempel terus asinya, rendam air hangat + minyak kayu putih, kasih transpulmin bb untuk mempernyaman tidurnya plus borehan bawang + minyak kayu putih dkk. Kalau untuk Athar lebih gak tega lagi kasih obat, masih kecil, efek samping jangka panjangnya yang dikhawatirkan, plus.. belum perlu ah.. 
Suami sempat ajak Athar ke dokter, wajar sih.. gak tega lihat anak sakit. Aku sih hayuk aja, insyaAllah ta' bawa ke dokter-dokter yang RUM biar suami tenang dan semakin mendukung aksi RUM dikeluarga, Alhamdulillah gak sampai kesana, sudah baikan suhu tubuhnya dan kembali ceria. 
Masih belajar banyak untuk RUM, apalagi keluarga saya masih belum RUM dan saya sempat dipaksa minum obat warung P*****d ketika flu kemarin. 
Kadang ada yang berfikir, kenapa mikir dua kali untuk kedokter dan minum obatnya? kan direimburse juga biaya kesehatannya. Ke dokternya sih gak masalah, treatmentnya yang harus mikir dua kali. Sekali lagi, it's not about the money, (but money does support a lot of things *tetep). 

..di lift.. jam pulang kerja..
"Puas kan kalau berhasil RUM?"
' iya juga ya' 

*lanjut nanti utk library nya..

Friday, January 7, 2011

Antara Kata dan Kerja

"Doain yaa"
'Udah, kamu masukin aplikasi dulu baru ta' doain. Masa iya gara-gara doa, aplikasinya bisa melayang sendiri kesana. Nanti kalau sudah, lapor, baru ta' doain'
"hahaha.. iyo iyo"

"Ngga usah publish dulu kalau istri baru awal-awal hamil.. diem diem aja, nanti kalau sudah lahiran baru. biar tahu sendiri saja"
'oo gitu ya pak. baiklah'

"tulisannya bagus-bagus kok"
'karya nyatanya apa ya?'
"hmmm, ga ada sih. gitu gitu aja"
' -_- '

Hidup ini tampaknya hanya butuh satu Mario Teguh
Selebihnya, biarkan Engineer Engineer baru , Scientist Scientist baru, seniman seniman baru untuk menorehkan kisahnya dalam kerja kerja nyata
Sudah terlalu banyak orang bermain dalam kata, mimpi tapi dibagi kepada orang-orang yang tidak tepat. Lakukan sajalah...
Lelah membacanya dan lelah mendengarnya :)
Apalah arti kata, jika tiada kerja.
Biarkan kata untuk pribadi, kerja menjadi inspirasi

--If everything has been written down, so why worry you said-- Dewi Lestari